I made it back to my little cottage in Miami. Yay! Good LORD, is it hot inland. I sure do love the ocean breezes close to my neighborhood.

Now What? SEX PARTY!

sex party

I have a Sex Party coming up this Saturday night!! It has been FAR too long since I have been to one. I am wiggling in my seat excited.

What Should I Do at the Sex Party?

  • Definitely, suck some cocks.
  • Maybe have an erotic massage? (I have not had one in many years, always giving instead of getting them.)
  • Oh, what if I hosted an hour of an orgy on the huge platform bed?
  • What about 5-people in the giant glass shower?
  • Give a handjob while people watch.
  • Masturbate for some onlookers.
  • Suck on some nipples.
  • pondering all the options

I could do any and all kinds of things, right?

There’s always finding the Small Dick guy to make fun of, right? Or the sissy, dressed in her twirly best dress with Mary Jane shoes. What about the guy who has never sucked a dick but has his heart set on trying for the first time.

I hope I see them ALL at this upcoming Sex Party!