Mistress Mandy and I played a few years ago at an LDW Mistress get-together (read about it HERE!) so when she commented on my Pegging Post, saying:

 “Ohhh and I just need to say one more thing. Ms. Daphne…I would let you fuck me with that “lady-dick” of yours anytime!!!”

Well, I could not just let that go hidden in the comments section, nor could I ignore the amazing images her offer brought to mind (or feelings in my cunt!).

If I had an afternoon with Ms. Mandy…

I would gently prepare her for the afternoon, affording  much privacy and respect. Then I would get in the shower and wash her down… up and down… around and around. I can feel her under my soapy hands even now. When we are done, I would step out, grab the towel and dry her first so she didn’t get chilled. Then when she got out of the shower, I would then dry myself.

I know that throughout all of our time together, we would be kissing and saying very sweet words to each other. I’d tell her how lovely she is, how sexy… how much I wanted her. I would caress her breasts, tweak her nipples a bit… just enough to make them erect, of course. Then I could lean down and take one in my mouth and roll it around like a hard piece of butterscotch.

Dressing for the Event

While Ms. Mandy sat on the large platform bed, squirming a little, telling me she’s excited, I would pull my beautiful doeskin harness out…

…and choose one of the dildos that does not look anything like a cock; she deserves a lady toy… being a lovely woman and all.

I’d stand in front of her with my supplies and nudge her legs apart with my knee and slipping the harness on, adjusting it appropriately,,, then as I moved my hands to insert the toy, I would get to my knees and kiss Ms. Mandy between her thighs. Because my hands are busy, I ask her to scootch down a bit and the moment she is within reach, my mouth would be on her sweet wetness melting onto my tongue.

The dildo insertion forgotten, my arms would wrap around her thighs and I would pleasure her/pleasure me/pleasure her/pleasure me in that figure 8 that women do when they are having sex with each other.

Going In

But I would want IN. Inside this woman, this amazingly sexy woman. I want to make her cry out. I want to hear her moans. I want to hear her say, “NotSoHard/HARDER/NotSoHard/HARDER.” I want her to orgasm like she has not in eons.

So, I would ask her to slide back up towards the headboard and I would climb onto the pillowy white sheets, lean over Ms. Mandy, kissing her as my cock laid itself neatly on her belly. I would tell her to guide me if I am not in the right place, to feel free to ask for something if she is not getting it, to let go and enjoy herself. She nods, glassy-eyed, then kisses me back.

I hold my lady cock in my right hand, squishing lube on with my left hand…

…stroking to coat the sweet toy. Then I lean down a bit, ask if she’s ready… and when she nods in the affirmative, I slide slowly inside her… becoming one, even if just for awhile. I already don’t want this to end, knowing we are going to pleasure each other several times today.

We have all the time in the world.