I have been doing NEW AUDIOS the past week or so and Footjobs seem to be coming up more and more with my clients.

Footjobs for the Win!

Some people not in the know would consider any kind of foot adoration or foot worship as a Footjob, but those of you who know better know it means having your cock and balls played with by a Mistress’ feet.

I know you watch videos with Footjobs, but have you ever had one done in real life? Holy fuck, if you fantasize about it, you really need to try and find someone to do it for you. In the meantime, here I am! I have done my fair share of footjobs and LOVE IT! It is so delicious to squish my feet on your cock and push my toes into your balls, feeling your dick get harder just from the pressure I put on your genitals. (The guys usually undress and lay down in front of me quite erect already, but I can still make them even harder.)

How many footjobs have you had done in real life? Did you hire someone? Have a lover do it? How often are you able to get a footjob?

Sooooo much fun, aren’t they?