Now, I don’t mean some hard-driving Bitch Mistress that is going to make you sore as hell, but one to gently guide you to do the things you know you should be doing but might not remembering to do. But, you and I both know that, with a Mistress’ direction, you can get more done.

Now, mind you, you do NOT need to do all of these, or even any of these things, but you and your Mistress can come up with a contract to help you feel better about who you are and what you do in the world.

What if you need reminders about?


Putting on Sunscreen

Drinking Enough Water During the Day

Sleeping 7 hours a Night

Walking 15 minutes After Each Meal

Taking a Nap on Weekends

Saying Your Affirmations

Practicing Mindfulness Meditation

What’s a Mistress for…

…if not to help you be a better person!

What’s so nice is you do not need any special equipment or memberships to do ANY of the above actions. All of them are things you probably have thought of already, but need to be held accountable for.

Let’s brainstorm!