I get asked what my fantasies are and I usually say that if I have a fantasy, I am likely to make it happen so it does not stay inside my mind, but becomes real. I acknowledge I am very lucky to be able to fulfill my craziest, wildest fantasies, but I have been thinking about the question again. What would I want to do if I could?

The answer would probably relive some of the experiences I had when I was younger… and pay more attention this time.

When I lived with the 8 gay guys and slept on the living room couch, I laid on my side, hand on my cheek, elbow on the couch and would watch the group sex intently. I learned a lot just through watching the orgies that happened in front of me, but, of course, I did have questions and asked them as things slowed down after the guys shot their loads. They would slump into each other’s arms, laying like pick-up-stix all over the floor.

“So, how does it feel when the cock slides into your ass?”

“Why is it easier when you are on hands and knees?”

“How did you learn not to gag when giving head?”

These sorts of questions. And, like I said, I did pay attention, but I am sure I would ask even more detailed questions now.

“What made you want to be fucked?”

“How did you know you were a Top/bottom?”

“Have you always thought about sucking cock?”

You can see how my questions tend to the cerebral more than the technical. It is how I am on calls now, too. I love digging into your brains, wanting to “see” what you see, why you think the way you do… and how it translates to your body’s reactions.

What fantasies do you have you would love to fulfill… or go back and fulfill again?