It’s true, I still have no voice. Believe me, it is frustrating me a thousand times more than it is you, my regular callers.

However, I wanted to let you know that there are TWO ways we can communicate without my talking.

Sexy Texting

We can text in Skype! I have done this thousands of times and love it! If you have not ever Sexy Texted, I promise it is incredibly delicious and gets you off just as wonderfully as if we were talking.

My Skype name is: EnchantrixDaphne and…

…^^^^my icon is a Red Umbrella^^^^.

I am a FAST typist, so conversations flow in Sexy Texting, no worries there.

2. Sexy Emails

I loooovvvveeee to do Sexy Emails! We can write back and forth with each other OR I can write you a sexy story. Emailing with each other is delightfully inexpensive, too. For 3 two hundred word emails, it is the same price as a 10-minute call – $27.50. You can pay through the Sexy Texting site OR call Dispatch and tell them we are going to do an Email Exchange.

Now, of course, if you are wanting to check in with your Mistress, I love those emails, too! Only sex-oriented emails are charged, but I would REALLY love your happy notes and spending a few minutes with each other.

You can also text with me in Skype if it isn’t sexy stuff (some people ask what would need to be paid for… if it has to do with your genitals or someone else’s, that is For Pay discussion).

But, I miss you all terribly! Touch base with me when you can. Know I am thinking about all of you!