Okay, so I went to Disney World for my 50th Birthday weekend. Clearly, I am home early and that is because I have lost my voice. And in a worse way than usual, apparently.

I went to see Air Supply at Epcot on the 28th and screamed my head off… well, screamed my vocal cords damaged. I felt the damage and went to the Emergency Room and within 2 days I now have no voice whatsoever. I cannot even whisper! So much for having Alexa do my bidding; bitch won’t read my mind.

Side Note: MIstress Amber said I am LDW’s Ariel from the Little Mermaid! I LOVE THAT, being the Disneyphile I am. 🙂

So how does a Phone Sex Operator WORK with no voice!? EEK!

Well, I can text. And I text just as sexy as I speak. And almost as fast. I know it won’t be what most of you are looking for, but just want you to know that is an option.

I am waiting for a referral to a specialist to see what I can do to speed the healing process. The ER told me it can take 1-8 weeks to repair themselves. I cannot wait that long! I would go crazy not talking to you all! The really GOOD news is I am in no pain at all.

So, if you are into it, please bathe my vocal cords in healing light and/or prayers and good thoughts.