Sissies! Do you know how to try on lipstick?

I thought I would give you a little tutorial about how to go into any store that has sample lipsticks so you can find the colors that would look best with your skin tone.

First, Find Your Color

How do you even find the colors you want to test? I encourage you girls to just wander around looking at the lipsticks, keeping your mind open to the variety of colors available. As you look them over, which colors jump out at you? Do the pink shades look the best to your eye? What about the reds? Mauves? I tend towards very bright pinks and purple-pinks… no clue why, but I have found that just being “led” to your colors can help you choose your own style of lips.

Then What?

Did you know that the skin on the top of your hand is very similar to your lips? Perhaps you have even seen women sliding the sample lipsticks on the back of their hands.

This is exactly how sissies should test what the color will be very close to on her lips.

And most stores have makeup remover with cotton pads to clean the lipstick off your hand/s so you can go back to work without people knowing what you have been doing.

Tell me how YOU try on lipstick?