Did you know that when I am with my girlfriends, we talk about you?

We Talk About You!

My main four galfriends and I went out on Friday night and had some serious fun at a club. Each of us dressed slutty sexy, me in my tight pink stretch mini-dress with those 5-inch heels that make my feet hurt within four minutes of putting them on, but I love them since they are hot pink and match my dress perfectly.

We love dancing with each other, touching each others’ breasts, shoving our asses into another’s pussy, even deep kissing, making the men on the dance floor drool even though they are with their vanilla girlfriends or wives. We really do love being spectacular teases when we go out.

After last call, we went to an all-night diner, giggly from a night of drinking (we uber’d to and fro!) and still were silly, sitting on each others’ laps, being kissy-faced… thankfully, the diner was pretty quiet and we were stuck in the back (I am sure they saw how loud we were going to be!).

Then, we quieted down when the food got there and someone started talking about one of their co-workers, a guy who kept flirting with her. Another picked up that a guy at her work needed to cut his hair! That he looked shaggy and sloppy. Suddenly, they all turned to me, knowing exactly what I do.

I began sharing stories about you folks who have given me permission to do so. Stories of cum eating (a chorus of “EWWWWs”), dressing in panties (“How sweet!”), cuckolding (“Why would anyone do that?”) and other fun stories about you guys and girls.

We LOVE to talk about you!