That sexy, loving holiday is coming up in a few days. (Don’t the holidays just get here faster and faster every year?)

Sexy Valentine’s Day

So you have a lover. They might not be totally into your kink or even know of your personal fetishes, but you can find a way to show your love in a more sexual way.

Are you a submissive sort of guy or gal? Perhaps sending your love to the spa for the day while you take care of the house is what she would love to have for a present. Maybe your partner wants you to shovel snow or clean up his man cave for him. You can do any of these sorts of house-y things in a very sexy and loving manner. Wear a bow around your neck like a makeshift submissive collar. You do not have to tell them what you are doing, but just offer silent deference to them as you go about your self-assigned duties.

Not Sexy Enough?

What about a foot massage. Any gender loves foot massages. I know it would be wonderful to have those feet wrapped around your cock, but this might have to be left for fantasy for this go ’round. Perhaps you can sette for kissing each toe gently after the feet are clean and dried… that would be something a little different, yes?

What has your partner been asking you to do for years? Does she want to fuck you with a strapon? Does she want to be ravished by a “stranger”? Does she want you to get the dinner on the table on time and, for once, have what she wants to have.

You know your spouse better than anyone. Listen to them and pick something that would delight them no end!

One of my favorite Sexy Valentine’s Day gifts was when my partner would masturbate in front of me. Sure, we did that off and on over the years, but on this day for lovers, I would sit in a chair and watch as they entertained me with their hand and genitals. Mmmm hmmm. Nice present that was.

What ideas do YOU have for a special Valentine’s Day?