I talk to a lot of folks who learn about sex by watching porn. Porn is not real. Let me share a little bit about real life sex and how to have what I call, “Clean Sex.”

What is Clean Sex?

Man showering in locker room

Sex in the best situations is sweaty and sticky and messy. There are no assistants like in porn to wipe your sweating brow or get the jizz off your girlfriend’s breasts. Not only germaphobes have issues with not having clean sex, even regular folks want some ideas on how to keep things neat and clean.

The first way to have clean sex is to shower with your partner or partners. Even anonymous sex, if in a house or hotel room, can begin (and even finish!) in the shower. One of the most common complaints about anonymous sex is the dirty dick and taking a shower together allows you to clean the cock to your own level of cleanliness. Your partner can do the same with you.

Of course, if there is more than oral sex happening, being in a shower can be especially helpful. Anal sex, as we know, can be a tad messier than sucking cock, so shower play is a way to stay extra clean at the same time.

clean sex

Wet Wipes Are Your Friend

No matter where you have sex, having wet wipes is an absolute must. Blessedly, they are inexpensive enough that you can buy them and leave them behind if you are having anonymous sex.

But even in monogamous marriages, wet wipes are the best thing invented to keep everyone clean and fresh. I keep stacks of them near me at Sex Parties and carry them in my car for impromptu sexcapades.

 I hope these help you have wonderful… and clean… sex!