One of the things I love about holiday fun is learning how you guys and gals sneak around when there is so much family in the house.

Holiday Time

There you are, the head of the household, wishing you had on that special pair of holiday panties you got your wife for Chanukah Night 3. You didn’t buy them for her… you know you didn’t. You bought them for YOU for when she is out holiday shopping at the mall. HA! I know you, don’t I!

Or you’re carving the turkey for Christmas dinner and you know your sister-in-law’s best friend’s new boyfriend’s dick would look pretty as a holiday picture in your mouth right about now. You can feel his dick swell (and so is yours!) in your mouth with every swish of the huge knife on that bird.


Or what about your wife’s aunt and her feet. Her feet! It’s December 30th and her dark brown tootsies with their lighter undersides are taunting you: “Come suck my toes,” they whisper in a voice so low only you can hear. She has that amazing Kwanzaa toenail polish on her toes, too; you can just feel the smoothness on your tongue.

Holiday Rituals

What kind of rituals do you do… or wish you could do… during the winter holidays?

I would love to know!