I know I live in Miami and there is hardly anything you could call winter here, but I talk to many of you folks up in the northern climes and have some naughty Cum Eating thoughts for you.

Snowy Cum Eating

Do you have snow where you live? Is it gross snow or do you have clean snow that you would eat? Can you find clean snow? How much fun would it be to jerk off in a snowball and take a bite of your own cum? Wouldn’t it make the cum eating experience more fun than just slurping it off your hand? Heck, you’ve eaten enough snow growing up, right? Why not add a bit of jizz?


If think if you are going to drink some eggnog this holiday season, you need to masturbate and get some of that cum into your glass of eggnog (add liquor if you want). Sip… or glug… it down. Be a good boy this holiday season.


What other ideas might you have for cum eating? Perhaps on your chocolate Santas, or Chanukah gelt? I think Christmas Cookies would be an awesome conduit for your cum. Look around! See what you can get messy and chow down on this holiday season.