It’s always fun when someone comes to me and wants to learn how to remain in chastity.

Gradual Chastity


The first thing I need to dispel is that you will put on a cock cage and leave it there for a year. Not so! Every body (not just everybody) is different. Some need to start with their cage on for less than a day, others can easily do three days. You and I will discuss your personal needs and desires for chastity.

Besides the body’s specific requirements, there are other reasons to limit wearing a cock cage… namely, one’s personal life. Some people have nobody else in the home and are able to wear the it 24/7, while others, married or living with a partner, can only wear it at work or, if they are daring, while they sleep.

Working Your Way Up

There really is a learning curve (so to speak) for wearing a chastity cage. You, not just your cock, have to build up the endurance to wear it for longer and longer periods of time.

What are your eventual goals? To see how long you can wear it without orgasm (like running a marathon or climbing a mountain; because it is there!)? Or is your goal permanent chastity, which is done for so many reasons including letting a Mistress take control of your unruly cock or to shrink your clitty to virtually nothing?

Whatever your chastity goals are, I would love to talk to you about them!