Usually, you small dick guys realize it is small in your late teens.

Small Dick Optimism vs. Pessimism


Is this what you thought would happen?

When you began to see it was smaller than other dicks, did you continue to hope it would grow more? When did you give up that hope? How old were you?

I recently talked to a guy who didn’t give up hope his dick would keep growing until his mid-twenties. MID-TWENTIES! Now that is some serious optimism there.

Or were you on the younger side and knew your dick was destined to be a teenie weenie for life.

What About That First Time…

…someone put their hand down your pants? Might that have been the true validation that you had a pin-dick?

Remember when you were making out with your first girlfriend? You both began groping each other… you touching her breasts, she kissing you hungrily. You knew it was going to lead to sex and your dick was hard as a rock. Your hand slid under her skirt and she began pressing her hand on your groin through your jeans.

Perhaps you were some nervous about what she might say… or perhaps you didn’t even think about it (unlikely). And then the moment arrived and her hand slid into your underwear…

…and then she had that look… that odd look… on her face.

And you knew. For the first time, you had concrete proof that you were inadequate, that your dick was going to disappoint girls for the rest of your life.

I bet you masturbate remembering that humiliation over and over and over again, don’t you.

You small-dick pervert!