Most of the people I talk to are on the phone. Some text, and a few more than that, cam.

Why Would Someone Cam?

Have you thought about being on cam with a Mistress? What goes through your mind as you make a decision?


Perhaps you are an exhibitionist and want someone to see you masturbating and a Mistress is a safe and delighted audience. Or you feel you want to confess some deep, dark secret… you wear women’s underwear… you love to smell used panties… you want to talk about those cocksucking desires.

And maybe you want clear directions on cock control, guided masturbation or cum eating and the Mistress becomes the director of your behavior, in real time, without the ability to lie. (Although I do have a hearty laugh when the wanna-be cum eaters click the cam off the second they orgasm. We know you just cleaned the cum up with a tissue!)

Not Showing Your Face

There are a significant amount of you who cannot, for whatever reason, show your face to us on cam. Perhaps you have a very high profile job, you are worried about being photographed (although we would NEVER, in a million years, consider taking a screenshot of someone!!) or are just a shy person… whatever the reason, you are more than welcome to NOT show your face to us even as we get to gawk at your hand on your dick the whole time.

Ways to hide your face:

  • Position the camera downward, making sure there is no mirror behind you
  • Wear a mask
  • Wear a ski mask

“Cum” Cam With Me!

I am thinking you need to have a cam session so I can show you how incredibly arousing they can be! You are sure to enjoy yourself!