A huge pet peeve for Mistress Erika and Mistress Daphne are selfies with huge messy rooms behind them. Worse, is when it is amatuer porn… a messy space is incredibly distracting. We often think perhaps they need a MILF to make them clean their room!


Camming Surroundings

Ms. Erika: Stroking for Mistress On Cam! Daphne and I have been talking about it for DAYS! The various sizes, strokes and fun we’ve had!

We have so many laughs and so much fun together! The other day we were having a delightful humiliation call when she told me of a session that has me STILL laughing days later! The stroker was on cam, doing is “thang” when she spied something in the room! Of course, being Daphne she HAD to incorporate it into the session!

What was it? I’ll let her explain but before you get ON cam, but make sure you scan the room!

Ms. Daphne: We sure have been having fun talking about various usages for things we see in someone’s room when we do a camming session.

That said, I promise, we do not judge you and your cleanliness standards when we are on cam with you. That is totally different than when you are posting selfies or porn to the Internet!  So do not stress over whether we are rolling our eyes or finding you a messy person. When we are camming, we are with YOU. I promise.

What We DO See When Camming

But, when we are with you in a camming session, we love to look around and see what you have there… what might we use in a Scene. This is one of the major benefits of camming because, on the phone, we have to be told what toys and items you have close. When on cam, we can see for ourselves.

For example, in this picture… we could use the shaving cream for stroking lubricant… the toothbrush for CBT… the soap to watch you wash your hands and critique your technique.

Ms. Erika: Anything IN eyesight IS FAIR GAME for us! It is an important lesson for all those who masturbate on cam for us!! Here’s how and why!

Imagine leaving your baseball trophy on that shelf behind your desk. Gives me ideas, looking at that long and proud from shaft, standing erect from the stand. Now what do you think a Mistress like Daphne or I would make you DO with that trophy? Humm?

Once I saw in the background a plastic bag sitting on a table. Was it from the toy he was ordered to get? I dunno but it sure was fun having him do 50 strokes with it wrapped around his member!

Ms. Daphne: Even in this clean room, we can find fun things to play with. Shoelaces from the tennis shoes can be a great CBT toy and there is plenty of jewelry to dress up even the girliest of sissies!

Some Last Thoughts

Ms. Erika: Also even though you are alone in the house, with no other HUMANS make sure you close your bedroom door to keep your pets out! Luckily old bowser didn’t make an entrance during the most intense moments of the session, but during aftercare having some chat, Bowser bounds into the room, up on the bed and greets his human with doggie kisses! I was laughing hysterically as this person was clad in feminine attire blushing profusely and trying to get the dog off the bed and out of the room with his nighty all a kilter!

Ms. Daphne: Still wondering what I found to use on my client?

I know! What in the world could be possibly do with an empty laundry basket?


Yes, he stroked his teeny weanie while wearing a laundry basket on his head. I laughed so hard I was wiping tears from my eyeballs.

The moral of the story: Be aware of your camming surroundings! We just might use it in your next cam session.