For some parts of the country, it is already getting chilly. Here in Miami, too… it’s 88 today… brrr!

All Weenies

What I miss about putting on more clothes is the loss of being able to see what men are carrying in their pants… or here in Miami, tucked into their bathing suits.

Next year, though, walking down the street on a nice spring day, after shedding all the heavy clothes, men wear thin cotton pants and it is oh-so-easy to see the cock hidden behind tighty whities (or even boxers). Especially when a man has an erection, which happens often enough of course, it is delicious to giggle at their obvious discomfort at trying to hide it.

Small Weenies


And then there the men who do not have anything to show in their jeans. I always wonder what is between their legs. And snicker, knowing they might be one of you Teeny Weenies, wishing you had something bulging in your pants. You look at the other REAL men on the street… knowing their dicks are so much bigger than yours. Don’t you feel ashamed of what you (do not) have?

Roasted Weenies

So, here comes winter. You Teeny Weenies are thrilled you get to cover up again, aren’t you. I bet you wish you could stay covered up all year… allowing me to laugh even more knowing why you are wearing that long coat… in the middle of summer.