When you were younger and wondered what it was like to fuck someone, what kinds of creative “pussies” did you come up with?

Cocktober Foods

In this Cocktober season of plenty, there are a variety of foods that can mimic a person’s pussy.

From pumpkins to a wide variety of squashes, zucchinis and even apples and pears for you tiny dick’d boys, you can carve out any kind of tight hole you want and proceed to fuck the vegetable or fruit to your heart’s content.

I can see you now, using your pumpkin carving tools and making a pretty hole in it that will fit your cock.

Often, with these hard vegetables, it can be easier to make a hole for your dick if you cook it first, then dig out the flesh of the veggie.

Squash Soup

Of course, yellow squash, pumpkins and zucchini are all in the squash family, so no matter what you are fucking, when you cum, you are, essentially, making Squash Soup!

Bon Appétit!