I know many of you sissies love the thought of being on the runway.

RuPaul puts sissies on the runway every week. My favorite saying on her show is:


Sissies Walk on the Runway

Do you have a Sissy walk? Do you watch shows to study how women walk? Do you watch videos of fashion shows so you can see how to swing your hips and step one foot in front of the other (literally!)?

I love when I cam with you girls and you prance around for me, showing me how you strut and twirl, being your most fashionista self. Whether you are wearing a single pair of panties or a full en femme ensemble, I delight in every prissy move you make… because you are, with every swish, becoming more and more of a lady.


I smile (well, alright, giggle) when you tell me you rub your clitty in front of the mirror when you are all pretty and dressed up. You can see yourself on the runway, touching yourself for the audience, yes? I would sit in the audience, hands folded politely in my lap, watching you with the biggest smile on my face as you cream… right onto the mirror.

When is the next time you will: