You get a hardon, then frantically look at your phone or computer, wanting to talk to me so I can get you off in the delicious way we do together.

But, over and over, you see I am not on.


It’s Summer In Florida!

And that means afternoon thunderstorms. Every day. Anywhere between 2 and 8pm… every. single. day.

Once upon a time, there used to be landlines and most people who worked on the phone could use them during storms, but nowadays, in most of Florida, telephones are funneled through the computer. So when it lightnings, our phones… and our computers… are at risk from lightning if we are using them for work.

What has happened when I have tried to work through a storm is, invariably, the electricity will flicker, the Net go out and I lose you, the caller, in the middle of having some serious fun.

I do not want to do that to you! So, I am trying to nap during the afternoon hours, being here in the morning and through the evening… and if you want an appointment in the middle of the night, just let me know via email!

Don’t give up on me, please!


Just not during an electrical storm.

Talk to you soon!!