Are you into CBT? Have you ever thought about putting something sting-y or hot on your cock? You are hardly alone. Searching, you can find a large variety of creams, liquids, foods, and plants you can douse your dick into that will set fire to it within moments.

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Hot Stuff in CBT!

Why would anyone want to make their cock feel like it is on fire in the first place?

Some guys are into sensation play… a form of CBT (Cock & Ball Torture).Whether it is flicking rubber bands wrapped around the cock and balls or clothes pins decorating the shaft and testicles, the more pain the better.

As what happens often with pain play, folks look for more and more sensations. When looking for more sensations with CBT, people find the most intense feelings when using creams, lotions, pastes, etc. to create a hot, burning sensation.

The thing is, they CAN burn, physically burn, the skin on your dick. I encourage a test of the item on your inner wrist. See what it does to your skin (which is very similar to the thin skin on your penis), and, just like I said at the top, be prepared with an escape plan* (below).

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What Hot Things Would You Use for CBT?

You can look on the Internet for all the types of CBT items that sting or burn… for brief moments or for long periods of time. I hesitate to mention anything here lest you end up in the ER with burns on your skin. So I will leave it up to you to find and experiment. Know that there are a plethora of CBT choices out there. Make sure you see what works to make the burning stop if it is too much.

If you are new, try the most benign thing you read about! Then graduate slowly to more and more CBT sensations.

Whatever you do, have fun!


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*Escape Plan!

Keep these things close:

  • Baby Wipes
  • Cold washcloths in ice water
  • Aloe gel, preferably some that has been in the refrigerator for awhile

If you have ANY welt, bubble or intense redness that breaks the skin, get medical help immediately! Do not hesitate to get medical help if you worry about anything at all, even without severe damage. I promise, they have seen it all and will not bat an eye, but get you the help you need.

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Scared Now?

Do the warnings scare you? Make you hesitate to try this?


This should be taken seriously. This is some intense, advanced play.

Tell me your experiences… I know others would love to hear it, too.

Email me at Daphne@EnchantrixEmpire,com if you do not want to comment here. I will share your comment anonymously. What have you tried? What did you LOVE as far as CBT goes. (Can you ever love CBT?) Please share!

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