I thought it would be good to share how a typical sissy call goes for me. I do need to say no two calls are the same and I individualize my questions and comments for you specifically, but thought perhaps if you could get a feel for my style, it might make you feel more comfortable calling, especially since I tend to be really “out there” in the blog and in my FAQ.

Exploring Sissy Topics

Things I like to know:

  • When did you first put on a piece of feminine clothing? What was it?
  • What made you reach out and pick up that first piece of feminine clothing?
  • What memories do you have about lingerie or stockings?
  • Have you ever been caught wearing women’s clothing?
  • Have you ever dressed for anyone privately? What was their response?
  • Have you ever dressed for Halloween? When was the first time? The last time? How did it feel being outside dressed?
  • Have you ever dressed and gone outside? What was that like?
  • Do you feel sexual when you dress as a sissy?
  • Do you masturbate when dressed as a sissy?
  • Do you stand in the mirror as you masturbate?

These are just some of the many questions that can help us guide your call and make it unique, not only to you, but different for every call.

Mind you, I do not pepper you with questions, but ask a couple three to get us going. I want to hear your story, to get a snapshot of where you want to go and how I can get you there. I hope that makes sense.

I would love to learn all about you. Are you ready to tell me your story?