If you’ve never had to keep order with your sissy supplies, you might just toss them all into one box that holds everything until your next play session. Let me offer a few simple solutions to create some organization.

Your Sissy Supplies

What do you have?

  • Hair
  • Stockings
  • Shoes
  • Makeup
  • Panties
  • Lingerie

How do you store your girlie belongings? Some have a large tackle box with separations, while others have a big box from a liquor store. No matter what you have, you can create some semblance of order.

Wig Care

One of the most challenging parts of sissy supplies solutions is the hair, especially if you cannot store it on a wig head. But, thanks to cosplay, all sorts of new ideas have come to the rescue. I find one of the best to be folding the wig into a hair net, then putting it inside a plastic storage bag, removing as much air as possible (you can suck it out with your mouth), then you can store the wig practically flat in the tackle box or cardboard box you’re using so no one can find your goodies.

sissy supplies

Makeup Storage

In the same vein, using plastic storage bags can keep your makeup collected in one place, lessening the risk of losing something accidentally.

I prefer to keep liquid makeup together in one baggie and dry makeup separate in another one, that way if something breaks in the liquid bag, it doesn’t soak the dry eye shadows and can be wiped off everything else.

Other Sissy Supplies

Plastic bags are your saving grace. They are fantastic to store your stockings in so they don’t get caught on anything velcro or eye hooks, ruining them. Same with your panties, they stay fresh and pretty when zipped up in a plastic bag.

I hope these tips can help you keep more organized!

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