In Part 1, I talked about the ways to use makeup… mascara and concealer… discreetly, even if you are not able to go out en femme. Here, we move on to powder and lip stain.


One of makeup’s best kept secrets is using makeup powders with nothing else on your face. You can use a dab of it, keeping the compact in your pocket if you want to even, and periodically re-apply the pats of powder with the puff. Be careful not to buy shimmering or you will look like a Disco Queen in the sunlight!

Matte is best, especially with oily skin… which is a great excuse to have a pressed powder compact in the first place! I found this really helpful piece about how to choose a powder, pressed or loose, and how the color bases can affect your own skin tones.

You might not think a bit of powder can make any difference, but look at this photo below!

Before & After Powder

That’s a pretty dramatic difference, wouldn’t you say?

Lip Stain, aka Lip Tint

I know that one of the most coveted pieces of makeup to own and use is the lipstick. However, lipstick can create challenges, even if you use matte instead of shimmer. Lipstick comes off on napkins, sometimes your teeth and when you kiss someone, it transfers there, too. So, an alternative is lip stain. This comes in a tube similar to lip gloss, but instead of being able to wipe it off, it wears off over time (or using petroleum jelly gently rubbed in with a tissue can get it off faster). Lip stains come in a rainbow of shades from pale-almost-nude to whore red (my favorite!).


Lip stains can be applied in several ways. One of my favorites is with this pen, sort of like a felt-tip.

Earlier tints and stains dried the lips a lot, but the ones today are wonderful about keeping lips moisturized. Still, lip balm can help keep things smooth and comfortable.

I hope these tips can help you folks who want to use even just a bit of makeup, discreetly and hidden from most people’s eyes, allowing you to feel prettier and more feminine.

You deserve to feel wonderful.