I know a lot of people who have to really hide their Sex Toys so no one finds out they have them. I thought I would share some of the Sex Toys I know about that hardly look like toys at all! Perhaps you can keep a couple around the house after all.

Glass Sex Toys

I’ve written about Glass Sex Toys before and how wonderful they are in temperature play. Some look very much like dildos or anal plugs:

But others do not look quite like the dildo you would expect:

You could put these fruits and veggies in a basket in the middle of the dining room table and no one would be the wiser!

Here is a lovely mermaid:

sex toys

This green dildo looks like a piece of glass art:

And what about this fern-looking tongue? This would be lovely on the coffee table. A hot topic of conversation, for sure:

And one more Glass Sex Toy:

How gorgeous is this one?


Bullets are tiny Sex Toys, most under 3-inches, all vibrating. Folks can use them on their clits or under their testicles if they have those. Also, putting a bullet on the underside of the head of a cock is glorious.

These are typical bullets, but are still really small and easy to hide:

Don’t let their small size fool you, these little buzzers can get you off nice and sweetly.

Here’s one the size of a quarter:

And one girls can disguise in their make-up kits, the exact size of a lipstick:

Many bullets are waterproof, like this small bath toy looking one:

And this one that no one would ever figure out, also waterproof:

Spicy hot!


Which are your favorites? I know I want them all!