A few nights ago, Mistress Harper’s Whore School had it 100th Show Anniversary!

We had the most fun EVER, some of us were on the radio with Ms. Harper (go to the Archives to listen!), others at our Virtual World Pool Party… and then there was the over-filled chat room!

Ah, there were PLENTY of giveaways to be had.

I was giving away a Blog Post based on  the winner who got the answer to this question: What was the date of the 1st Whore School aired. (April 24, 2016!) A listener named “treasure” got the date correctly, so here is treasure’s post!

treasure Hunting

When someone is growing up, it isn’t uncommon to find our grown-up kinks and fetishes in their earliest manifestations. They do tend to blossom in the late teen years, usually lingering, then amplifying over the ensuing years.

It can be confusing, these kinks and fetishes, and we learn quickly to hide them from others. Who can one talk to?


Blessedly today, there is the Internet and Google, our being able to find kindred spirits with those oddities we have. Even so, finding the right search terms can be a challenge!

  • smelling panties
  • touching myself all the time
  • making a mess on my bed
  • man wearing makeup
  • where is my vagina?
  • why do I slap my balls?

And the list can be endless depending on your own preferences.

But when we did find what we are looking for, it is like the sun came out from behind the clouds and the angels sang; we were suddenly no longer alone.

Finding Buried treasure


Defining inborn submissive feelings can be one huge challenge. How did guys and girls figure this out before the Internet? (The library!) But it is easier and quicker to look things up and when we see pictures of men or women, naked on their knees in front of clothed women, all the puzzle pieces seem to fall into place.

How do we develop these needs and desires? Where do they come from? Some people really want to know WHY, but I encourage folks to just let things BE… wherever it came from, whyever it is there.

See our inner needs as the buried treasure within our souls!