I’ve made audios for my audio site, of course, but only once before have I made a custom audio and it has been ages. If you’ve ever wondered how it works, I will show you!

(¡Y al final, explico que también puedo grabar el audio en español!)

The Script for the Audio

This gentleman wrote out his script and I timed it by recording a rough draft. It was just over 7 minutes, so according to the rates here, it would be $60. I timed it twice to make sure.

His script was yummy! Not even overtly sexual (which I am more than glad to do, too!), but still some lovely writing. Even if you don’t think of yourself as a writer, I would be glad to see your idea and (after you’ve paid) if you wanted me to help edit, I can do that in writing with you or in the Audio itself.

Listening That First Time

Once I recorded it for real, I emailed the gentleman a .mp3 and waited to hear from him.

I got this back (sharing with permission):

OMG I listened to a minute or two at work and hadda turn it off LOL couldn’t take it….what a turn on….thanks.

Then I received this awhile later:

Ok wow….just listened to whole thing on way home, almost drove off the road with total hard on….love it! Ill be listening to it again (and again an again) in less of a public environment later im sure.  So exciting… for u to read.  The voicing and inflections are perfect. Thanks a lot Daphne!

I was giddy with happiness that he loved it so much!

Listening (and Listening)

I have listened to the recording probably about 20 times now LOL, such a turn on.  Im sure ill be listening another 20 times this weekend LOL

I am so thrilled he likes it! It is a joy to make Audios, so his pleasure makes it all the better.

He left this Review for me last night:

Daphne, thanks so much for a wonderful experience and for giving 110% hotness on my audio recording!! I have never done this before as far as the audio recordings and didn’t know quite what to expect but you have made the process SOOOOO easy and streamlined, and in this way took all the nervousness out of it for me! Also, great reader and wonderful voice nuances, great inflections, essentially everything done exactly right and with maximum effort, and for a price thats entirely reasonable and not exorbitant. Additionally, communication was great, and prompt. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. The service has been so awesome that I’m gonna be sending another scenario very shortly.

Making Yours!

If you’ve wanted a Mistress to read your story/fantasy, but have been hesitant, wait no more! Let’s make some .mp3 together.

¿Quieres un Audio hecho en español?

Para ustedes hispanohablantes:

Si bien mi español no es perfecto, puedo leer español maravillosamente. ¡Me encantarían graba tus Audios también!