I am on the search for a Virtual Pedal Pumping Fetish group but have not found one yet.

I might have to be the one to start it!

I found this piano at the Botanical Gardens and sat down to play for my Pedal Pumping Fetishists. Such gorgeous surroundings, I was thrilled to sit down and tickle the ivories while thinking about my kinky friends.

I had to get pictures down near the pedals so you could visualize yourself down there, the toes of my boots, pressing down, down, down onto your cock and up on your balls.

Feel it?

Then I thought: BAREFOOT!

You like feeling my naked toes better, don’t you?

(I know you do!)

So when I start a Virtual Pedal Pumping Group, I will let you know and we’ll find a geek to devise the program to lay you on your back under my feet!

So I can pedal away on your privates!