Giantess Calls…

….have not really been in my repertoire of calls, my usually referring them to experienced Giantess Mistresses.

However, one “caller” wanted to do a text Giantess call and, being a pretty decent writer, I thought I would do it, with the confession this was my first time. He was game to give it a try.


The teeny man started by telling me about his wants and desires for the session, where he wanted me to focus and then began the first paragraph.

He was on my dining room table and would eventually get into my mouth to be swallowed.

I created a Southern fried chicken dinner with mashed potatoes and gravy as well as bread with butter (that was softening in the Florida heat).

Here, I pick up in the middle of the session (these are all my words, unedited)… he is on the silver spoon about to be lifted into my mouth, bits of gravy on my silverware. Mind you, this unfolds without forethought… pure stream of consciousness writing. (And damn, was it fun!)

I slowly open my mouth, the wetness on my lips shining the candlelight onto this tiny man. Is he scared? Will this be good for him? I hadn’t even thought about all the saliva in my mouth and how that might drown him faster than the gravy and spittle! I open my mouth, my breathing causing the gravy to swirl a little, the man flowing back and forth with nothing to hold onto. The huge kernel of buttered corn threatens to squash him, so my forefinger and thumb reach to grab it, to take it off the spoon, but my finger, when I put it on the spoon, flattens out slightly, and I knock over the man! I am worried now he will never make it into my mouth, the shower of saliva cleaning him off, the frenulum for him to hold tight to.


A couple of times, he interrupted me to guide me towards more of his desires. I welcomed his letting me know instead of continuing and not getting his needs met. I never mind being re-routed!

And now, he is closer than ever to being swallowed up.

I wonder what it feels like to be him? Is he scared witless? I sure would be! Or is he looking forward to this NEW adventure? I cannot worry about that right now, suddenly I am very hungry to have him in my mouth. The mist of my humid mouth must soak him, too. He sure must be a mess by now! I lower the spoon slowly, it smooshing down onto my tongue, saliva sliding over the sides of the spoon, but I do not know that. I just think: GET OFF NOW WHILE YOU CAN OR I WILL EAT YOU! And hope the thought transmits through our telepathy. I begin to close my mouth, my lips gradually touch each other, the sticky wetness from the food causing strands of saliva-drippings looking like Tarzan vines between my lips.

Flip Flop

I grabbed a mirror so I could watch the tiny man inside my mouth.

I watch closely in horror that he is sliding faster and faster down my tongue! I don’t know how I am going to stop the increasing speed. All I can think of is to HUFF some breathe out. The poor thing, back and forth, this time when I huff some breath out, he FLIES and I laugh as he sails to the tip of my tongue, bouncing off yet again. I think if we keep this up, he is destined to end up in my GI tract. For now, I am entirely entertained by his backward and forward movements, not thinking how I might be bruising the poor thing!

Down the Hatch!

His ultimate desire was to be swallowed, so… off he goes!

I miss the timing of my deep exhale! I watch in horror as he slides down, trying to grab at something… my teeth, my uvula… nothing isn’t covered in saliva and he slips and slides down down down… I feel the tiniest sensation as he falls deeper down my esophagus… and then… the sensation … is gone. I pout, not happy I consumed my new playmate. I hope he enjoys his ride through my body!