I am really really happy how my Race Play, et al.: A Sensitive Topic Explored has touched so many people. I am hearing from you in calls, in my email and now, in my Reviews. I wanted to share a few comments from one of my clients… one, it seems, I made very happy.

M Comments About Race Play

“Wow. I just can’t stop when it comes to Daphne. Again, I did 3 consecutive 20 minute text sessions with her. Each one escalating to the next. She is so incredibly talented and fair game for anything.”

This makes me blush crimson!

“This time, I read her most recent blog about race play and was so intrigued. I started off by using and be used by a gorgeous Asian transgender woman that Daphne picked out at a bar for me. We sucked and fucked each other while she guided us the whole way through….”

Oh, yes! What fun that was!

“Next, I wanted to suck and fuck big black cock while being called every gay epitaph in the book. Daphne understood. She took me to an all black gay bar and made me stroke so many Nubian cocks till I was ready to he fucked like a faggot that I am in front of everyone.”

Yeah, I do love playing with the black dicks! And while not everyone appreciates the word “faggot” or “queer” used on them, the words “cocksucker” and “cumslut” seem to be pretty universal.

“It was so humiliating and exciting….”

Humiliation is delicious!

“Finally, the third session was just me and Daphne. I wanted her cock and her humiliation. She gave me it all. Strapped me to a pummel horse in an empty room. Fucked all my slut holes, laughed at my tiny clitty mercilessly and showed me who was domestic boss.”

I might look pretty and somewhat sweet, but I am nasty and can laugh like a hyena at your teeny tinies.

M, thank you for such awesome words… and thank you for sharing your thoughts with everyone here!


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