Race Play, et al.

I read something recently that said:

Only in porn can racism, sexism, the fetishization of the LGBTQ community and sizeism continue. Outside porn, these things are so politically volatile as to spark untold derision if they dare be brought up.

Oh, how true this sentiment is!

“But, But, But…

“But I am not a racist!”

I know you aren’t! You aren’t racist. You aren’t sexist. You aren’t hateful to the LGBTQ community and you do not mock people of size, whether thin OR fat.

Yet your fantasies have a mind of their own, right?

  • You think about sucking Big Black Cock.
  • You love the idea of having sex with an Asian transwoman.
  • You think about sucking a cock and being called gay epithets.

Does this make you a bad person?


Race Play, et al. & Shame

I will BEG you (yes, a Mistress sometimes begs)… BEG you… to toss your shame. Throw it in the rubbish pile. If you struggle with holding onto it, give it to me and I will get rid of it for you.

Be free with your imagination and fantasies! Do not censor them. As long as you are not hurting anyone, let them run amok.

Fantasize about being the white submissive to a Black Dominant. Put yourself in the middle of a group of T-girls, sucking their dicks and admiring their tits. Tear up those taboos on your childhood religion with blasphemous play.

Again, as long as you are not hurting anyone, GET OFF ON WHATEVER YOU THINK ABOUT!

And enjoy!