Foot Bath of Honor

If you’ve ever wondered how to honor your Mistress in a special way that not many others do, a Foot Bath is one way.

If you’ve never seen one, here are a couple of ways they can be done:

foot bath

A standard, fairly easy, flower footbath.

Or you can use essential oils as aromatherapy to create a delicious atmosphere.

Droplets of Essential Oils offer beautiful scents.

NOTE ABOUT ESSENTIAL OILS: Some people are extremely sensitive to essential oils (I am one of them!) and can get hives when the oil touches the skin, even in a Foot Bath. Oddly, I am allergic to lavender, one of the most often used oils… used for relaxation. Instead of oils, you can use an aromatherapy diffuser to waft the beautiful scents around the room without it touching her skin.

Diffuser with essential oils to create aromatherapy.

How NOT to Give a Foot Bath

Popular in Asia, please do not bring this scary tradition to your Mistress.

The “Fish Bath” uses Garra Rufa to eat the bacteria off the feet. YUCK!

Ritual Foot Bath

Sometimes, writing a short piece or memorizing a favorite poem to read while you are bathing her feet offers a beautiful aspect to the Foot Bath.

Soak In

I let my skin soak in the bath,
I see a glimpse in my palm,
Suddenly; I convinced’
many things visible even in mist.

Nida Mahmoed

Take your Mistress’ feet one at a time, make love to them with your fingers, your palm, your mind. Focus completely on her feet… stay Mindful, paying attention only to her and her beautiful feet.

After you’ve spent sufficient time pleasuring your Mistress with the Foot Bath, I hope you’ve chosen some gorgeous, thick Egyptian cotton towels with which to dry her feet.

Lotions or oils will be lavished on her skin after her Foot Bath. But you, I am sure, already know how to do that.

Foot Baths Do Not Need to Be Real Life to Be Special

For those of you submissives with online or phone Mistresses, you, too, can give “Foot Baths” to show your devotion. Talk Her through it, describe the scents and sounds and feelings of Her experience. Be as detailed as possible, telling Her exactly what you are doing and what you would like Her to feel.

Do not have the television on (especially not porn!). If you want to play music, have soft ambient sounds that are not distracting. Don’t look at the computer. Just close your eyes and BE with your Mistress. She deserves every bit of your focus.

Now go devise your next call. Every Mistress loves the attention you can give with the Foot Bath.

A milk & flowers Foot Bath.