Nylon Stockings Require Care

In talking to some of my girls who love to wear nylon pantyhose, thigh high stockings or tights, I’ve realized that not all have the chick secrets we cisgirls learn growing up. Even looking online, I do not see some of the helpful hints.

  1. For some, it helps to wear surgical gloves (Nitrile if you are allergic to Latex) so your fingernails or hangnails do not snag the stockings on their way up. Surgical gloves are tight and allow you to feel what you are doing. Some choose cotton gloves, but they really need to be thin in order to feel the process.
  2. Most of you know to wash your stockings by hand, I am sure. Do not use laundry detergent or regular soap! Use liquid soap made specifically for “Delicates.” Wash tenderly, and again, wear gloves if your nails or hands are pokey and might snag them.
  3. Hang them to dry. I know this might be a challenge for you girls who have to share space with others who don’t know your fetish, but perhaps you can put a towel on a hanger and lay them over that in your side of the closet, way in the back. Some put a nail specifically for hiding drying clothes on the back wall of the closet, the clothes hiding it completely. The stockings will take a bit longer to dry, but it’s worth it not to have anyone see them.
  4. I said above about putting a towel on the hanger. Unless you have a puffy (usually satin) hanger, please put something cushiony on there to keep the stockings from creasing.

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What About Runs?

Runs happen to ALL of us girls… cis and otherwise. In the early years of wearing hose, it made me furious when I got a run, changing my stockings, probably running those, too, in my hurry to get to school.


Again, we ALL get them. Normal, typical, common. You get a run, just another sign you are one of the girls!

The best trick in the world that we learn crawling on the floor watching the grown women in our lives put on stockings is to use clear nail polish to stop a run in its tracks. It might sound crazy, but nail polish provides a barrier so the run doesn’t continue growing down your leg.

Nylon Stockings Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

Some say to cover the whole run, but I found few dabs on each end of the run is sufficient.

Know that when you take them off, they will be sticking to your leg, so pull them off gently unless you are tossing them.

Oh, and support hose… now called “Compression Stockings”… run far less than regular hose. Annnndddd you can get away with “the doctor prescribed them” if anyone ever sees and asks about them.

Nylon Stockings Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

Might not want to wear purple though.



If I haven’t covered a niggling question you might have, feel free to ask! I’d love to help make your stocking, pantyhose, and tights experience fun and easy!