Sex should be fun! Sometimes bringing new ideas into the bedroom can liven things up.

Temperature: Take a Chill

Playing with cold is a pretty common experience.

Ice is a fun, easy and not terribly messy item to play with. You can use ice in almost endless variations. Put some ice in your mouth and suck on nipples or have oral sex. You can even slip some ice into your partner’s body; it’ll melt within a couple of minutes.

But beyond ice, some of those toys in your BDSM Toy Bag might be fun to chill a bit.


Anal toys made of metal or glass can go right from the freezer (in a plastic bag, please…even if clean) and into a body for some nippy fun.

Temperature: Turn it UP!

A couple of ways to make the temperature warmer in your sex life include some regular household items (paper clamps, clothespins, rubber bands, etc.). And your toys. Can’t forget your toys.

CAUTION about warming your toys:

Taking care to not have your toys’ temperature too hot can be challenging, but is incredibly important. DO NOT BURN YOUR PARTNER! Test the toy on the inside of your wrist before touching it to your partner. I also really encourage you to NOT use the microwave to warm toys. Instead, warm your toys in a bowl of warm water.

Be Creative!

Try playing with temperature…explore new sensations. I promise it is lots of fun!