They will both make you crazy with excitement!

2 Mistresses 4 the Price of 1!

On Tuesday, November 28th, you get 2 Mistresses for the price of one. Seriously!

When you call in, you can either have a 2nd Mistress in mind, or Live Help will get you a perfect fit.

Is your mind already mentally planning your call? Peruse all of us and see who you might want to add! Have 2 beautiful Mistresses guide you to an amazing orgasm!

15 FREE Minutes!


Earlier in the month we had this special, and it was a resounding success, so we decided to repeat it on the last day of LDW’s 15th Anniversary on November 30th.

If you’ve made 15 calls or a total of 150 minutes in the past 5 years, you get a FREE 15 minutes with the Mistress of your choice. You can leave it at the 15 minutes or add it to a longer call.

If you’re not sure if you qualify, please email us at and we’ll let you know.

Come play with us!