I love all my callers, even you 10-minute guys & gals.



Seems like a really short time for a fantasy and orgasm, but some of you are able to cum within 2-3 minutes. Not a problem at all.

But I want to remind you, you are paying for 10-minutes, whether you use them or not. Why not use them?

We Mistresses find it delightful to get to know our callers better. Perhaps you’d like to get to know us better, too?

I know we are here for your fun and pleasure, but it might be cool to talk to us for the last few minutes you’ve already paid for. I know we would enjoy that so so much!

Topics you might ask us or tell us about yourself:

  • Favorite Movies
  • Favorite Books
  • Favorite Erotic Stories
  • Favorite Porn Sites (new sites can be great for us!)
  • Have Pets?

Any of these and more would be welcome topics for a 5-6 minute chat.

Next time, see if you can use all your minutes talking to us!