I really can be a slutty Mistress. I sucked me some dick at the dance club last night.

The Dance Floor

I did not go out looking for a man. I’ve been being satisfied just fine at the Sex Parties. Instead, I got dressed to the nines in my luscious tight black mini-dress, black thigh highs with lace at the top, my wonderful stiletto Mary Janes… and no undies on top or bottom. Naughty girl! I also put my hair in a loose braid.

Dance clubs today are not that much different than the Discos in the 80’s, just a change of music mostly. Oh, and the dancing doesn’t include The Hustle.

singing “I Will Survive” to myself

I danced with people. I danced alone. I danced until my feet were killing me, then I went and sat in the quieter lounge.

Quick with the Quickies

It was there I met Greg. Apparently, he’d seen me on the dance floor and happily followed me into the bar. I was flattered, especially when he said I had pretty eyes. swoon

Within moments, we both felt the effect of our co-mingling pheremones, and after an hour of talking, I wanted him bad. He offered to take me back to his place, but I knew I had to work this morning, so took a raincheck. I didn’t want to leave him with nothing, so we went out to his car, and I gave him the best blowjob he’d ever had (he said so). (Were we acting like total teenagers or what?!)

After our brief encounter, I went to my car and drove home.

A smile on my face the whole time.