LDW is celebrating its 15th Anniversary in November and

YOU get the Anniversary gift!

During the week of November 1-7, ANY clients, brand new, those who call us now or our beloved past clients, EACH GET  5 FREE MINUTES EVERY DAY OF THE ANNIVERSARY WEEK!

A different Mistress will be featured for a block of time each day of the first week… pick your favorite Mistress or call one you’ve always wondered about… and spend 5 FREE, glorious minutes with her.

And then, the next day, do the same all over again! Find a Mistress, call in and talk to her for 5 FREE MINUTES!

You can talk those 5 FREE MINUTES, or you can apply them to a regular call, whichever your dick dictates.

Follow the Featured Mistresses as you set your clocks for your delicious 5 FREE MINUTES!

More questions? Please email support@enchantrixempire.com!