Mindfulness” is a common buzzword at the moment… a word for something people have been doing since the beginning of time.


Mindfulness & Sex

What does mindfulness have to do with sex? Quite a bit, actually.

Being mindful is when one pays attention to one thing at a time.

  • the kiss… feeling your lips touching, your tongues dancing together, everything seems to go in slow motion
  • the caress on her breast… your warm hand on her nipple, making it stand at attention with the slip of your index finger over the tip
  • his mouth on your cock… not anticipating the orgasm or even the edge, but enjoying each moment’s sensation, his tongue swirling hungrily, the connection between you two the only thing in the world

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Our world moves so so quickly. Too quickly. So slowing things down a tad can be a refreshing exercise, but one that requires practice. But not something like (or as boring as) scales for the piano or having baseballs pitched from a machine over and over again.

Instead, one can pull oneself into “the moment” with tiny thoughts, over and over throughout the day.

Sensual Mindfulness “Exercises”

Ideas for the mindful reminders include:

  • Looking for a specific color (I often choose blue) to “see”… the ribbon in the woman’s hair, his blue eyes as he hands you your coffee, the thermos sitting on a co-worker’s desk
  • Looking for designs on people… noticing what design is closest to her breasts, does she have imprints on her stockings?
  • If you want to play the Mindfulness game while watching porn, count… how many thrusts he gives… how many times she says, “Harder!”… or notice small details like body piercings, rings, earrings… or cock rings.


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Being Mindful does take practice, but the rewards include a calmer interior and exterior, being able to focus easier, ignoring the extraneous bullshit life often gives us… and finding parts of your Self that have been hidden for far too long.


If you have questions about Mindfulness, do not hesitate to ask me. This is a really important aspect of me.

Oh, and I wrote Mindful Masturbation awhile ago, but you might find it interesting as well.

For now, though, remember…

mindful Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975