I got a new toy!

Well, actually, a client bought me a new toy. A new vibe!

My Magic Wand Vibrator


Rechargeable, anyway.

(and it came with that small bottle of lube, too!)

I’ve had the classic Hitachi Magic Wand for a couple of decades (a few of them), and she has been most delightful as well as orgasm-ational. But at a Sex Party a year ago, I tried out several new sex toys (the Sybian!), including the Cordless Magic Wand. And holy FUCK was it an awesome shift in pleasure from the corded one.

The rechargeable/cordless has…





You might think my exuberance is a tad over the top for a piece of machinery, but I am here to tell you.


I should sky-write this post.

Aside from My Vibe

I’d had the vibe for a few days but waited to use it at the Sex Party that was this past Saturday night. It was important to set the Scene just right, and when I saw the yummy man on the massage table getting ready for his Erotic Massage, I’d found my focus.

I don’t usually share what bodies look like because they are not my focus when it comes to playing sexually. I have heard several guys and gals say how terrible they feel with their [fill in the blank with a hairy body, paunchy stomach, wrinkles, sagging skin, more breast tissue, little dick, etc.].

Please hear me, folks.


And fuck anyone it does bother!

I find the eyes the proverbial “window to the soul,” and if they are glowing with happiness or desire, I want to taste of that flesh.

Have Vibe, Will Travel

Typically at Sex Parties, I have to find a specific location in which to roost for the duration because of the plug. I found myself laughing as I was leaning over looking for wall outlets. I didn’t need one! My vibrational girlfriend was charged and ready for wandering around the space.

Not entirely sure of the flight pattern I wove around the gentleman on the table, but I was sitting in a chair, my leg over an arm… standing at his table, one arm on the mattress, my other holding the vibrator… leaning against the wall, making space for the massagers to touch, fondle, push on and arouse him… and then just kinda wandering around, watching this and that.


Sure, I could tell you I had an enormous orgasm that sent me falling to the floor in spasms, but that would be inaccurate.

I had waves of enormous orgasms.

I swayed awkwardly, bending over on strangers, grabbing for the post on the bed, my knees buckling beneath me.

Frankly, I was an intrusion in many people’s spaces.

Did I pay attention to others’ needs during my explosions?

Not in the least.