It is true.

I watched him eat…

…27 Loads of Cum

My willing victim, er… clienthad done one of these Challenges for me before and was successful. But he wanted to challenge himself again for me. I could never say, “No!”

Our planning took some time, his letting me decide how he would eat it, 26 frozen and one fresh. All on cam.

I thought a piece of Jizz Pie with those loads of cum would be good. You know, a cum pie slice with some Cherry Pie Filling on it?

Making the “pie slice” to hold loads of cum in it became a challenge (not the only one), but I suggested something impermanent, and he figured out making a mold out of aluminum foil. Perfect! I thought that would be really easy to undo when the time came to eat, or at least would be good for scooping up spoonfuls with the pie filling.

As he began his “deposits,” he told me he thought the pie “tin” was too big and he doubted he would ever fill even the bottom. I looked periodically and had faith in his creation and how well it would work out. It did, very well.

I also had to think about how to eat the fresh cum and decided on dipping apple slices in it, as if the semen was so much honey.

Challenges to the Fun

I already mentioned the pie tin issue, but, interestingly, the pie filling became the largest obstacle.

I didn’t realize there were places in the world that didn’t know what pie filling was. My client was baffled trying to find it, even after looking in several stores. I was going to need an alternate plan… and fast as the pie tin was filling up quick!

Pondering, I came up with eating the frozen cum collection on a brownie.

We were finally set for the big 27 Loads of Cum Eating Challenge!

Eat, Eat, Eat!

The big day finally arrived. We set ourselves up on Skype, and he showed me the 26-cum pie slice one last time. I clapped with delight and reminded him that I said it would, indeed, make a nice slice o’ pie!

loads of cum

Don’t you think so?

He took a pair of scissors and cut the aluminum away, leaving just the triangle of frozen cum. I wiggled in my chair waiting for him to get the brownie and start biting that cum for me. He showed me the pan of brownies real quick, and I expected him to get a piece out of the container, but…

…instead, he held the naked cum, shaped into that triangle…


I screamed with laughter as he showed me the bite in his mouth, leaning close to the camera, so I got a bird’s eye view of that frozen white jizz. Then he swallowed. No sip of water after. No brownie. And not one word of complaint. In an earlier conversation, he said he found this exercise a most humiliating experience. I’m sure I said, “Good! Great!” and probably a sarcastic, “Poor baby.” snorty laugh

The bites continued, sans brownie, his hand getting a tad slathered as the cum began melting, but he licked that right up off his fingers.

Frozen to Fresh

It took maybe 20 minutes to get the frozen glob down. I cheered him on the whole way, telling him how gross, yet fantastic that was, what he was doing.

He’d started playing with his dick when he had eaten a couple of bites, readying himself for the fresh load he was going to eat with the apple.

After the wedge was gone and down the hatch, he got busy and had the apple next to him. But he pulled out his toothbrush (the one he uses daily; I asked) and when he came, used the toothbrush to pick it up and put it in his mouth. When it was all there, he began brushing and swishing the cum around in his mouth.

I laughed and applauded madly.

27 Loads of Cum: Mission Accomplished!

As soon as he could respond after brushing and swallowing, I asked when we were going to have the next TWENTY-EIGHT cum load challenge. He said he’d let me know as soon as he recovered from this one. HAHAHAHA!

Could you do this? Would you do it… for me?