Time Travel: Anachronism

So many of you talk to me about your favorite sexual experiences; I wonder if you would time travel back to do it again.

time travel

Traveling Back to Sexiness

Whether as a virgin or you being in crazy head-over-heels in love or even the hottest trick you’ve ever been with… you wax poetic about the sexual energy shared before the first touch, then how it feels to have your lips touch, that first French kiss… long, languorous… seemingly endless. Your hands meet, you each begin feeling each other, the gentle fondling that turns to groping, the energy rising higher and higher, along with your erection and her wet pussy.

Oh, and when you have some sort of physical, sexual connection with each other, you touch her/she touches you. The energy amplifies even more.

And finally, FINALLY, there is the actual intercourse. Ahhhhh


Do you wish you could do some sexual experiences over again? Not just replaying them in your mind as you wank, but really, really travel backward and have a do-over. Know how to eat pussy or suck a cock better? Do you wish you hadn’t cum so fast? Do you wish your partner knew how to pleasure you better?

Several of my experiences would benefit from a time travel do-over.

Losing my virginity was ghastly and so nothing pleasant. My sex partner being gay certainly didn’t help. I wish I’d have known how to please men and women earlier, but acknowledge those skills are on a pretty steep learning curve and the lack of knowledge just can’t be helped. I wish I could have seen the difference between sex & love, not taking every sexual encounter so dang seriously.


What about you? What would you do over?

Do tell!