Yesterday, I took one of my older sissy-friends for her first pedicure experience.We had quite the Girls Day Out!


Pedicure Surprise

I’d been trying to get my girlfriend to have a mani-pedi for years. She’s in her 50’s and would admire my French-tipped fingernails and meticulously trimmed and painted toenails. Even so, I could not convince her to go.

So I took charge. I thought doing both mani and pedi the first trip might be a tad overwhelming so I set out to get her a pedicure. We’d do the manicure another day.

We had a lovely lunch… she had champagne brought to us. Nice! After lunch, I said I had to run to my salon for just a quick touch-up and wanted her to come with me to keep me company. I’d arranged in advance for my nail technician and another really kind woman to be ready for us.

Nail Polish!

Walking in, she headed right to the wall of nail polishes.


I must admit, it is intoxicating imagining all these polishes living in one’s own bedroom.

My nail tech escorted me to the spa chair and hers did, too, but she thought she was just going to sit next to me. HA! I had bigger pedicure plans.

As we got closer to the chair, she saw that both the bowls were being filled, not just mine.

“What kind of ‘touch up’ is this, Daphne?”

“Just get in the chair already. Surprise! It’s high time you got that wished-for pedicure. Today is the day. My treat!”

From Man Feet to Sissy Sweet

I could see my girlfriend was really nervous. I told her I was here with her and try and breathe and stay in the moment. After a few minutes of hemming and hawing, I could tell she was finally relaxing. She leaned over, took her tennis shoes and socks off before climbing into the chair.

Within moments of the technician beginning, my sissyfriend was making sex-like moans and uttering words like, “Heaven!” “Ahhhh” and my favorite, “Why did I wait so long to do this?!” She loved every bit of the footcare. From…

…the scrubbing…

…to the shaping of her toenails…

… then oiling her thickly calloused heels and lotion-massaging her (hairy!) legs and feet, every part was met with delighted squeals and delicious moans.

Nail Polish (Take 2!)

Then it was time for the nail polish.

I’d chosen a pretty soft pink for her, yet she was still a nervous wreck having a color on her toes at all. While she isn’t married, she does go to the gym and was worried about having pink tootsies there. I talked her into just wearing it over the weekend and I’d get some nail polish remover and come over Sunday night to take it off. She agreed to that bargain.

Each tech put a pair of those funky flat styrofoam slippers on us before polishing our toenails a sweet light pink.

Step Lightly!

My sissy-girlfriend couldn’t stop gushing about her pedicure and stayed barefoot most of the weekend so she could stare at her pink-tinged toes. She said it was one of the most erotic things she’d ever done in her several decades here. I stopped just short of asking her if she was masturbating while gawking at her toes, but suspect she did. More than once.

I am so glad I decided to do this. It was more than worth it to see her glowing face when I got there on Sunday night to remove the polish. Amusingly, she refused to let me take the pink off her toenails. She said, “Fuck the gym… I am wearing this all week long!”

I smiled all the way home.