After Hurricane Irma, the electricity was out for way too long here in Florida. I acknowledge that we Floridians had it way better than many of the islands to our east, but we were still really hot and sticky.

Cicadas Make Me Sweat

We all had plenty to do, what with nearly every tree tossing their limbs willy-nilly. Everyone in the immediate area was outside working, myself included.


With no electricity comes no TV, no music, no Internet (even for some cell phones!). It was quiet. So, so quiet.

But as the sun moved past its zenith, the whirring began in earnest. It was the cicadas. The cicadas were noisy! Did you know their chirping speed is dependent on the temperature? There are actual formulas to calculate the temperature based on how fast they chirp. And, another fun fact, it is only the males that do the chirping. Noisy boys!

Hearing their song rise with the heat, I became aware of my sweat dripping everywhere.

  • On my forehead
  • On my upper lip
  • Under my boobs
  • Down my back
  • Under my armpits
  • In my panties (including my butt crack!)
  • Between my thighs
  • Behind my knees
  • Inside my work boots

Sweat Fetishists

So, I know what you all want… even need… my sweat. In your mouth. While I know, I cannot go into detail here. Just know I know.

Now, on the phone? All those limitations are off! Let’s talk all about my sweaty panties, my sweaty underboobs, my armpits.

See? I do know what you want.