I had a recent caller say to me, “I read your blog… and you love sex!”


I Do Love Sex!

Give me what you’ve got.

  • Masturbation? (check)

  • Playing with toys? (check)
  • Watching others have sex? (check)
  • Being watched having sex? (check)
  • Deep kissing? (check)
  • Necking with clothes on? (check)

  • Necking taking clothes off? (check)
  • Sucking nipples? (check)
  • Fondling breasts? (check)
  • Caressing a person’s body? (check)
  • Touching clits? (check)
  • Touching labia? (check)
  • Fucking women? (check)

  • Eating pussy? (check)
  • Playing with transfolks? (check)
  • Jerking a cock? (check)
  • Cuddling testicles? (check)
  • Pressing the perineum? (check)
  • Fingering an asshole? (check)

  • Fucking an asshole? (check)
  • Kneeling to suck a dick? (check)
  • Splaying my legs for a fuck? (check)
  • Bending over to get fucked in my ass? (check)
  • etcetera, etcetera, etcetera

I’m assuming you have the picture now, yes?

We haven’t even talked about cum or glory holes or group sex. I didn’t bring up my ability to orgasm with pain, have I?

Where are you with this not-nearly-extensive list?