Your Mistress suggests that you, you Chronic Masturbator, might need some lessons in how to keep your hands off your dick.

Let Go!

You might have seen Ruined Orgasms while watching porn, but dared not do one on your own. I mean, the urgency to keep stroking while you are ejaculating is strong. Perhaps you have tried, but failed. Or, were you successful in allowing your dick to give its spittle as your dick bounced up and down, your hands by your sides?

I do have to say, ruining orgasms is one of the most hilarious things that I do as a Mistress. Watching you get all worked up, jerking off like a horny teenager and then timing the moment when I command you to “Let go NOW!”

ruined orgasms

You let go and I get to howl with delight as your cock flops about crazily.

Serial Ruined Orgasms

Some of my favorite guys are the ones Owned by someone else who are required to ruin every orgasm except for when their Mistresses demand a full one.

Would you be able to ruin your orgasms more than once or twice before begging & crying to grab that dick and shove all the cum out of your balls?

Let’s see!