I need a qualified pool boy to clean my pool in the backyard. “Qualified” being the operative word.

What Makes a Qualified Pool Boy?

The ad I put in the newspaper says:

Needed: Pool Boy

∙ 18-30 years old

∙ Will follow my instructions

∙ Will wear uniform I provide

∙ Will work evening hours

Hmmm… looking at the ad, I see I haven’t even mentioned “experienced with pool maintenance.”  Shows you my priorities!

This is what it should say:

Older Women Are the Best Teachers

I want to be the one to show this new pool boy the ropes… er, how to take care of my pool. (Yeah, my pool. That’s it. My pool.) Part of why I want a younger boy without previous experience is so I can build him to my specifications, from the bottom up. An older woman has her own ideas of what needs to be learned, right?

I’m not quite 50-years old, but love PYTs in my midst. And because of their (relative) youth, they will usually do as I ask without a hint of argument.

So, when I hand them this “uniform,” they might look at me confused, but almost always put it on.

qualified pool boy

And I make them change into it in front of me. Gotta see what I’m working with, don’t I?


Sure, some require a hint of convincing, but a “bonus” in their salary helps tremendously.

What About the Pool

Clearly, the pool is ancillary. I have more pressing items to be learned.

  • Resting up before the task at hand by laying next to me on a reclining lawn chair
  • Hydrating with lemonade he brings us from the kitchen
  • Making sure the pool’s temperature isn’t too hot or cold by sitting on the stairs
  • Standing up and letting me gauge the pool’s temperature by what I see in that uniform
  • Learning how to test the pool’s chemicals, watching carefully as I sit with our thighs touching


So many skills to acquire.

So many things still to learn!

Yes, I need a willing applicant.

Are you available?