I know you have looked up what the “Average Size Penis,” is, haven’t you. Maybe several times.

Am I right?

“Average Size Penis”

You’ve researched sizes of a typical penis over the years, haven’t you?

Maybe when you were in your late teens, still growing. Maybe when some girl made a nasty comment about the size of your dick. Maybe because you saw other cocks and they looked bigger (or smaller) than yours.

You were the one who always had the tape measure when people were looking for it in the house, weren’t you.


I bet you measure your cock still to this day! Flaccid, semi-erect, erect, post-orgasm, girth. I’m right, aren’t I?

No matter your size, even if it is the average penis size, you hope for bigger/longer with every pull of the tape measure. I know you boys!

So What IS the Average Penis Size?

New research came out in April 2017 examining 17 different studies and the average penis size is:


5.16 inches

average size penis


I am willing to bet there are plenty of you guys who are stunned that your cock really is average-sized, not miniscule like you originally thought.

Why would men think their dicks are small when they are really average? Because of porn!

Porn, which is awesome and which I love, gives an extremely unrealistic picture of what normal is. Those dicks are in the top 5% (or less!) of huge… and if you didn’t already know, they also use medications to keep them erect for long periods of time, sometimes hours. Real (non-porn) dicks orgasm much quicker than that and it is totally normal for penises to move from flaccid to semi-erect to hard… and back… all in one sex session.

Do you ever hear about normal cock behavior in your real life? It isn’t something most men talk about with each other, so learning what’s typical doesn’t always happen. Unless you’re reading Urology journals or the technical papers of sex therapists, you might never know what happens with men’s cocks beyond seeing porn dicks on the Internet.

I hope that by my sharing here, I can help you feel better about your own penis.

Have your thoughts about your cock changed knowing the new research? Tell me about it!