I have this adorable Sissy Girlfriend that I spend a lot of time with, especially when either of us wants to go shopping. Most especially when we want to go shopping for lingerie.

Sissy Boutique Shopping

Now, my sister-friend is a plus-sized gal, so Vicky’s is out. The typical popular big girl stores have such similar stuff and in weird sizes, we go to this little boutique instead. Our off-the-beaten-path favorite small store is owned by a sweet older woman that, if you saw her on the street, you would never guess how much she loved sissies and transwomen! She makes every girl, even my sissy-girlfriend, feel like a Queen.

sissy crown

My friend and I headed over to the boutique several weeks before she was attending a lingerie party with a group of other sissy girls. For this special treat, she was having all her lingerie custom-made. In the Boutique’s back room, was a seamstress… while she privately told people she didn’t understand transwomen or sissies, she was more than happy to create over- and… under-things for them to wear.

Sissy Fitting

One of my favorite parts, and all my girlfriends’ least favorite parts, is the part where they get measured for their pretty things. It is just enough of sissy humiliation for them that I am entertained and their clitties get hard, embarrassing them even more. I just giggle behind my hand until I can’t stand it anymore and bust out cackling. Invariably, I have to excuse myself to get some self-control before going back into the dressing room where we start the entire laughing experience all over again.

artist: myed89

My sissy-friend stripped those horrid boy clothes off while I watched, pursing my lips, tilting my head this way and that, pretending I was judging what I was looking at. She knew darn well, I had no issues with her fluffy body; we’d fucked each other often enough. I lifted my flowy purple skirt just when she folded the last sock and laid it neatly on the chair, then turning around, completely nude, she gasped. I smiled sweetly as her favorite cherry-red silicone dildo jutted out from in front of my cunny. She whimpered, looking in my eyes, asking if she could suck it with just her expressions, but as clearly as if the words were said aloud. I patted her cheek gently, kissed her chastely, and said if she was a really good girl, we could play after lunch.

She snapped to attention and I called the sewist in for the measuring.